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Our Services

Eye Exams
Dr. Fischer performs a full comprehensive eye exam on every patient.  Whether you spend a lot of time on the computer, live a very active life that requires multiple prescriptions, or only need glasses for occasional use, Dr. Fischer will prescribe what works best for you.  Dr. Fischer treats patients from 0-110 years old.
Contact Lens Exams
Dr. Fischer will fit you with contact lenses that you can wear with ease.  All contact lens exams include complimentary follow-up exams to make sure you are happy with your lenses. Follow ups are also beneficial for those who have more complicated fits.
Emergency Eye Evaluations
If you have had trauma to your eyes or just woke up with red, swollen, or painful eyes, Dr. Fischer can prescribe medications for and treat any eye disease.  If you require surgery, Dr. Fischer will refer you to a surgeon, and they will work together to manage your treatment.  If you have an urgent eye condition, please don't hesitate to call us to schedule a same-day emergency exam.​
Refractive Surgery and LASIK
If you are thinking about any kind of refractive surgery, Dr. Fischer serves as an optometric pre/post evaluation consultant.  Schedule a screening to see if you are a candidate for the latest in corrective eye surgery.  Dr. Fischer will recommend a surgeon that best meets your needs as well as take care of pre-op and post-op evaluations.
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